Discover the Exceptional Experience of Boulevard Hotels

Welcome to Boulevard Hotels, where luxury and convenience meet. Our brand is a collection of independent hotels that have come together to offer direct booking, better prices, and exceptional guest experiences. In this article, we’ll dive into our mission, our unique approach, and what sets us apart from the rest.


Connecting travelers to unique hotels

At Boulevard Hotels, our mission is to connect travelers to unique and independent hotels. We believe that every guest deserves a personalized and authentic experience, which is why we partner with hotels that offer something special. Our hotels range from small boutique properties to larger resorts, but they all share the same commitment to exceptional service and high standards.

We understand that travelers today are looking for more than just a place to stay. They want an experience that reflects their personality and preferences. That’s why we work closely with our hotel partners to ensure that each guest receives a customized experience that meets their needs.

Our platform offers independent hotel owners the opportunity to showcase their properties to a wider audience. By connecting directly with guests, hotel owners can better understand their needs and preferences, and tailor their services accordingly. In addition, our commission-free model allows hotel owners to offer more competitive pricing, making it easier for travelers to book directly and save money.

We believe that by connecting travelers to unique hotels, we can help create more sustainable and responsible tourism. By supporting independent hotels, we are promoting diversity and preserving cultural heritage. At the same time, we are helping to drive economic growth in local communities, which benefits everyone involved.

In summary, at Boulevard Hotels, we are more than just a booking platform. We are a community of travelers and independent hotel owners who are committed to creating exceptional experiences for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a cozy boutique property, we have the perfect option for you. Join us on our mission to connect travelers to unique hotels around the world.


Direct booking and competitive pricing

At Boulevard Hotels, we take a unique approach to hotel booking by prioritizing direct booking and competitive pricing. We believe that the traditional model of booking through online travel agencies (OTAs) is outdated and ineffective for both travelers and hotel owners. That’s why we offer a commission-free model that allows hotel owners to showcase their properties to a wider audience and offer competitive pricing directly to guests.

Our platform enables guests to book directly with hotels, cutting out the middleman and avoiding the hidden fees and markups associated with OTAs. This not only saves travelers money but also

ensures that hotel owners receive the full revenue from bookings, which they can reinvest in their properties and services.

By prioritizing direct booking, we also create a more personalized experience for guests. When guests book through OTAs, they often miss out on the unique features and amenities that independent hotels offer. By booking directly, guests can communicate with hotel staff and receive personalized recommendations and services that are tailored to their needs.

In addition to direct booking, we also prioritize competitive pricing. We understand that travelers today are savvy shoppers who are looking for the best deal. That’s why we require our hotel partners to offer competitive pricing that is at least as good as what is available through OTAs. This not only benefits travelers but also helps hotels attract more direct bookings and increase their revenue.

What sets us apart

Sustainability, guest satisfaction, and expansion

Sustainability is a core value for us. We understand the impact that travel can have on the environment, and we believe it is our responsibility to minimize that impact. That’s why we work with our hotel partners to encourage sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly products, reducing energy and water consumption, and supporting local communities. We also prioritize hotels that are committed to sustainability and offer guests the option to book eco-friendly accommodations.

Guest satisfaction is another key value for us. We understand that the success of our platform depends on the satisfaction of our guests. That’s why we work hard to ensure that guests have the best possible experience when booking with Boulevard Hotels. From personalized recommendations to exceptional customer service, we strive to exceed guest expectations and create loyal customers.

Finally, expansion is a top priority for us. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our platform and connect travelers to unique hotels around the world. Our goal is to become the go-to platform for travelers who want to book unique and authentic experiences that go beyond the typical tourist destinations. We are currently expanding our platform to Europe, with a focus on offering direct booking to Israeli travelers in other countries.

So, what sets us apart at Boulevard Hotels is our commitment to sustainability, guest satisfaction, and expansion. These values guide everything we do, from the hotels we partner with to the services we offer our guests. We believe that by prioritizing these values, we can create a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry that benefits everyone involved.

Final thoughts

We are dedicated to creating a platform that not only benefits travelers, but also hotel owners. By providing a commission-free and direct booking approach, we offer a cost-effective way for hotel

owners to connect with guests and expand their reach. We also offer personalized support to help hotels optimize their listings and reach their target audience.

Furthermore, we believe that travel should be an inclusive and sustainable industry. That’s why we prioritize working with hotels that share our values of environmental responsibility and community engagement. We believe that by promoting sustainable tourism practices and supporting local communities, we can create a better future for both travelers and local residents with the opportunity of organising amazing weddings.

In summary, at Boulevard Hotels, we are committed to providing a unique and sustainable travel experience for all. We believe that by connecting travelers with unique and authentic accommodations, and by supporting hotel owners that prioritize sustainability and guest satisfaction, we can create a better, more responsible tourism industry.

Thank you for choosing Boulevard Hotels as your travel partner.